Professor David Collie

BSc & BCom, MSc(Econ), PhD, FRSA

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Cardiff Business School

Cardiff University



International Trade Theory, Industrial Organization, and Public Economics: Modelling oligopoly in a general equilibrium setting with applications to public economics, international trade and industrial organization. Sustaining collusion with asymmetric costs; Collusion and the elasticity of demand; Collusion in differentiated duopolies with quadratic costs; The welfare effects of trade liberalization and the gains from trade under oligopoly; The application of game theory to the modelling of trade policy, competition policy, and industrial policy; European Union state aid policy; EU and US anti-dumping policy, Anti-dumping duties and the Byrd amendment; Migration and trade with external economies of Scale; Auctioning immigration visas. Foreign Direct Investment. Brexit.


Research and Working Papers


In 2017/2018, the final-year undergraduate International Trade option. Students at Cardiff University on this course can access teaching materials on Learning Central.

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